This term we have been learning about Vikings.

Viking used to live in three countries called Norway, Sweden and Denmark also known as Scandinavia. The word Viking came from a language known as Old Norse which meant pirate raider. Vikings that raided ships were known as going Viking.The Viking times started from 700 till 1066.As soon as the Viking era finished they turned into Christians and some also stayed as Vikings.The Vikings raided ship also known  as being a true Viking.The Vikings raided Britain.They raided because there land was not very good to grow crops and loads of people were coming to their land and there was no more space for those who lived there already and.I think that they were very good to raid because of all the chaos in their land but also because they hurt and seriously injured a loud of people and I think what they finally did was great.What the Vikiings did was they converted  into Christians from Vikings  because they were very,very bad .

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