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Make your own wordsearch

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My Story By Tahmid and Hamza

                                                                                                                          THE ALIEN BURGER RAIDERS                     

Yestarday an alien invasion happend in bankside. They were looking for cheese burgers and triple king kong burgers.

The aliens broke half of the school with laser zapers. Mrs. Sarah Rutty the head teacher turend in to a zombie. She was screaming ” AHHHHHH”.

Mr Hall the ict leader had a ray blaster and shot one and the lead alien came HAMZA THE TERIBBLE. ” YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR NOT GIVING  MY FREINDS KING KONG BURGERS, AND CHEESE BURGERS”. Then Wei Shen came the under cover police offcier. THEN HAMZA THE HORRIBLE CAME AND SAID” I AM GOING TO KILL YOU Wei Shen” Loyza the yellow teeth had so bright yellow teeth and the sun got jelious and burt her. Then Hamza killed Wei Shen with his fist and they won by getting the burgers.

                                                                                                                                                           THE END

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Our trip to the Beach By Kadiza

Our trip to the beach was a fun and we made sand catles and mr hall was chasing people with crab and after a bit we went to the sea and we were playing and our class got wet by the water. We had a fantestic time.



♥beach day♥ to Hornsea★ By Nuha

Blue 3  went on a coach to the beach.I really liked it but I hated the coach because lots of people on the coach was feeling sick and it was boring. ♥ When my class and me  got there it was so cool.We went to Hornsea rescue place it was good because if someone was lost in the sea and nobody was there that would be dangerous.♥We had some drinks then we left our things.♥we saw canoe,boats and lots more.♥then we came back to get are things so we could go to the  ♥♥BEACH♥ ♥           




                                               a link for you to play on                                     

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Feelings at the Beach

The beach was great fun. Use these pictures to write a paragraph about your experience at the beach.

IMG_20130628_131308 IMG_20130628_131419 IMG_20130628_130823 IMG_20130628_131234 IMG_20130628_131045 IMG_20130628_130926_1 IMG_20130628_130848

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Hornsea Rescue

We had a trip to see Hornsea Inshore Rescue. Use this picture to write about the special clothing they wear and why.


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Hornsea Trip

Hornsea Trip on PhotoPeach

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Cars by Tahmid and Zeesham

This is a Lamborghini.

it has orange rims

silver body

orange tint

it got a under glow umd light

it is 200% horsepower

and it is 100% drift

This is a Ferrari

it has black tinted wheels

white body




This is a Austin Martin

it has a black tinted wheels

black tinted windows




this is a Chrysler

it has a black body

white wheels



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I’m looking forward to my seaside trip by Ibrahim & Hamza

I am looking forward to my seaside trip. I am going to bring some shorts, a t-shirt, a towel and a Frisbee etc and my friend Hamza is going to bring the same things to wear but not matching. He’s also going to bring a plastic football and some sweets. We are going to have a great time there, first we are going to see the lifeguard boats, we are also going to play for a bit. Then we are going to have lunch and then play and then have some Ice Cream and we might make some sandcastles and see who can make the best sandcastle in the class. We are going to make the BEST SANDCASTLES IN THE WHOLE CLASS.

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Footballers Facts by Hamza

Pele real name is called Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé.He was a very very fabulous player.He is a legend and half. Pele Is 72 years old.


Messi :Is the best footballer In the world. He has scored  60 goals and more in 2013. He has one 4 ballo’n Do’rs. Messi plays for Barcelona and he has got another new team mate and that Is Neymar Jr.Messi was born  June 24, 1987 (age 25).

Neymar Jr: He was  born February 5, 1992 (age 21). He played for Santos, He plays for Brazil and plays for Barcelona. He has some fantastic skills and now he plays for the best team in the world!!


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Quadblogging 25.6.13

Class Elm HERE

Ms. Dosanjh’s Class HERE

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Please comment on Greenfields Primary blog

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Viking Setting by Hassan

vikings in ArcheonCreative Commons License Hans Splinter via Compfight

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Hamza And Haroon Viking Imformation

The Vikings  were hunters they made and created lots of inventions.

They came from lots of Countries here are  some!

1 Denmark

2 Swedan

3 Iceland

4 Norway

5 Ireland

The Vikings were vicious and strong  i think they were the strongest in there time. They went and fought America and LOST!!!!!!!

Here is a Viking picture

Here is a Viking map

The Vikings invaded lots of Countries including England.They wanted warmth because there Countries were COLD!!! 

Viking Children

When Viking children were 5 years old they had to support there famaily and bring them food.

Babies were given little Thor’s-hammer charms, to protect them from evil spirits and sickness.

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Vikings By Aleesha and Amirah


This term we have been learning about Vikings.

Viking used to live in three countries called Norway, Sweden and Denmark also known as Scandinavia. The word Viking came from a language known as Old Norse which meant pirate raider. Vikings that raided ships were known as going Viking.The Viking times started from 700 till 1066.As soon as the Viking era finished they turned into Christians and some also stayed as Vikings.The Vikings raided ship also known  as being a true Viking.The Vikings raided Britain.They raided because there land was not very good to grow crops and loads of people were coming to their land and there was no more space for those who lived there already and.I think that they were very good to raid because of all the chaos in their land but also because they hurt and seriously injured a loud of people and I think what they finally did was great.What the Vikiings did was they converted  into Christians from Vikings  because they were very,very bad .

Bye for now look forward now for more posts by Aleesha and Amirah!!

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