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100 Word challenge By Amirah

 …the car stopped suddenly…part 1

It was a creepy cold night  and they felt like they were in Alaska until  a car ZOOMED past. And they were having a race but people kept and falling on the ground and they were not happy. They kept and going around houses like it was a HUGE round about .BUT they forgot about their kid at school . SO they hurried to school to pick up their child and went on with the race .they went SUPER FAST and the kids said’ STOP it MUM  . Mum carried on and a nother car came and BOOM………..


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100 Word Challenge

The prompt this week is a selection of words that you have to include in your writing. They can go anywhere and in any order. They are:

… Bath    Mysterious   Orange   Cat    Separated….

Try to highlight them in some way so that your readers can spot them!

The link will close at 9pm 16th March

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100 WC by Nuha part 1

car stopped suddenly part 1…

That night in the middle it was cold and dark like a frozen man just standing there. Till people was shivering suddenly a black car like it has red blood all over it.And another car came that was dark red car they were goner race each other people was crying there kids was really scared.there mum and dad took them home really fast.Till the mad racers begin.

Then they ZOOMED and all the people went and Gothic people came.To cheer.Most people cheered for the black bloody car and even wanted the

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             This will be continued…

Crashed Car Royalty Free Stock Photo

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100 WC by Aleesha

The strange animal

Once there lived a strange animal.It was a monkey and his name was Luba.

The reason he was strange he always looked upside down,side to side and up and down.

If you ever said Hello to him he wouldn’t listen and he would ‘blank’ you.

One day he was walking down to the lake to chillax when suddenly he heard a CRASH!

“What was that?” he said. Luba ran over and he saw a magic puff under there was a a tiny ant.

He said “Who are you?” and for once the  ant did Luba’s job it looked upside down.

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100 word challenge11 by Tahmid

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100 word challenge by Ibrahim

“Mum, I want some crisps!” demanded Henry. “NO! You’re not aloud to have any more you’ve already finished all, the crisps and the last one is Peters. “ERRR! I hate that worm.” (tv) “Ed Banger is going to be aproaching near Ashton Park.” “WOW, Ed Banger at the park. Mum I’m going to the park.”  “I don’t think so, hey why are you sitting upside down, I think my eyes need a rest, henry go with your dad but nobody else.” Henry went, when he was outside he loocked at the ground & said. “The ground, it look’s upside down.”

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100 WC by Aleesha


 I think bullying is really nasty because people normally get hurt or gets really scared.

Bullying sometimes contains:

  • Hitting
  • Pushing
  • Emotion
  • How the person looks
  • How the person talks
  • How the person acts
  • Writing nasty messages on e-mails

Girls are normally bullied emotionally.


how the person looks 

how the person talks

how the person acts

Boys are normally bullied physically.





Bullying can happen to anyone at any age.

Being bullied at school, home or online might involve someone pushing you, hitting you, teasing you, talking about you or calling you names.

 It is nasty.      



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100 WC by Aleesha

Once upon a time there lived three kids called Sarah,Kevin and Courtney.
It was Halloween night and they all went trick or treating and they went
 passed a haunted house.Kevin announced "I der you to go into that house i'll
 give you each ten of my chocolate nibbles." So Courtney and Sarah stepped
in and Kevin tricked them and pulled the door backwards ,so when they pulled the 
door wouldn't budge.Then Sarah started to cry and Courtney started to sob 
"woo,woo,woo" a ghost whispered from the 17th century."Whats that Sarah and 
Courtney said together.They went to sleep and they snored loudly.


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100 WC (2) by Aleesha

 The revenge on Kevin

Kevin didn’t want to go trick or treating this year because he saw a monster last year he

 was called Bed-a –boo  .Courtney was decorating her room with Halloween decorations and

Bed-a-boo nipped in to give Courtney and Sarah the key to Scary Godmothers house and she was

busy cooking scary stew.They stayed for an hour and then Sarah and Courtney remembered they

had to get pumpkins for her Jack-o-lanterns then Kevin heard and he smashed the pumpkins

by kicking them and when he walked home he actually limped home “what is that on the pumpkin?” “It is smashed” 

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100 Word Challenge 11.10.12

…the temperature dropped suddenly and…

You have 100 words to add to these 5 words, making 105 altogether. Post your writing

on our class blog. The link will stay open until 9pm 16th October.

These words sound like something unexpected is goig to happen, maybe dangerous?

I've reached the end of the world 

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100 Word Challenge

This Week include the words

….Bad Weather…

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You have 100 words to write your BEST piece of writing that MUST include these words:

… we were just sitting down for dinner when…

The 100 Word Challenge is a challenge that children all around the word enter. I know your could do really well. You write a post and I’ll enter it for you.