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(100 wc) By Hamza

It was the grand final. We had good players so did they. We  kicked off. Messi had the ball in his feet,  ragging lots of players . He passed   to Mata. Mata set me up  I  shot … I SCORED. But the Referee said It was off  side . Bayern Munich had a  penalty Argen Robben took It and he scored.We were losing 0-1.  I got tackled, Muller stamped on my arm. Our free kick I took it, I scored, it was 1-1. Messi ran with the ball he took a shot he scored…….. suddenly the pain in my arm was hurting….. and  WE WON!               

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(HWC) 100 word challenge football

ONE day it day was stormy night it has been 1 month im realy exited. i  hope we win the final . Suddnely i could feel my arm. i screamed  it hurt  bad. it was 1 in the night. i was watching a movie. the match started tomorrow t at 1 o clock i  went to sleep in my sleep i tought  evrey one was not coming. I  woke up the alarm bell said  2  i quickly got ready.  the match started we were  it was 1-1 2 mins left hazard won a free kick i curled yes we won the whistled we won the f.a cup..;

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100 wc a battel of a the Viking warrior

                                    THE DRAGONS


One day theVikings  were looking for dragons they wanted to kill.  it they were looking for there home till a battle came from the dragons there was a boy called Scott he wanted to kill a dragon but he had to be a black smith he was making sword for the battle the dragons came the leader was Scott’s dad he said “BEGIN!!” the dragon was shooting at the Vikings they had a scary battle and Scott he was really scared suddenly the darkest creature called the black fury he scratched a viking he was in pain.


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100 WC by Aleesha

One day I walked down the street then suddenly I fell into a hole in the ground  making big thumps all way down to the bottom. I was so frightend the atmosphere of the scene was getting smellier until I couldn’t help myself I just let the hole make me move.Then a rock near the edge of the hole hurt my arm suddenly the pain in my arm was rushing all the way up to my head then all the way back down to my toes.I sai d to myself “I was going to my mates  and all this chaos”

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100 WC by Syeda


You can not beleive what happened yesterday aternoon you might get scared, anyway I will tell you the story that happened yesterday afternoon. One day I was fighting in the war with my freinds  I was fighting the silly old Monks and they were sooooooooo easy to beat. Then suddenly when I was about to stab a Monk with my sword I looked down and there was  blood dripping from my arm, I didn’t know why. And suddenly the pain in my arm it got worser and worser. Then I felt something falling of my body MY ARM FELL OF SEE TOLD YOU, YOU WILL GET SCARED.



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100wc By Abdullah

I was playing cricket  with my cricket in the parck then it was my turn to ball then i did it then he wacte then my frind cachate the boll then the boy wacet to the rod then he het the car with the boll then ther teme tagert was 99 . then it was my  tim ten to play criket then my frind heted hig in the sky then he was heten hig when he hete then then the ather tim cachte him then we awar tagert was 100 then wen then i got are cop then my frinds was so happy then we went home than my mum was happy.

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100 word challenge by shorab viking battle

one  day  i was having  battle with the Romans  my viking  friend lost his arms by the Romans then i went and chopped one of the Romans  head. it was  scary battle .A Roman banged a hammer in my arm then got my sword and chopped  his head  of  then suddenly the pain in my   my friend and said are you OK then he went somewhere  then  another Roman  camed e and  nearly chopped my arm  then my friend cam-ed and chopped his leg .then i  said thank you i killed the roman  then the battled ended  i said yes.

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Edward 100 WC kick boxing

One day a boy called Jack was going on kick boxing because in school nasty boys was always hiting him. The day after it was school time,Jack was sceard. His mum told him that he needs to goe so Jack went he went to school and the boys were wating for him and Jack said”dont hit me  a boy was about to punch him but suddently the teacher came and stoped the boy. It was home time and he came to the kick boxing lessons and he saw the boy that was hiting him Jack traind it and he won.


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100WC The poor boy by Adnan Ali

Dear Dairy

Once there was a boy, he was walking alone home. When he arrived home no one was there. Until he found out that everyone was KILLED!!! “THERE ARE  ROBBERS IN THE HOUSE”, he shouted. He was crying, the robbers heard him crying, so they kicked, punched him and they tried to break his arm. So I ran as fast as I  could and I went to my grandma’s.SUDDENLY THE PAIN IN MY ARM, when I arrived at my grandma’s, I had noticed that she had gone to wales, so I had no one to look after me, I got caught.

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100wc Diary of the curse by Khalisa

Dear Diary,

 Today, I went to the museum. I looked at the mummy. It had some weird writing. When I went home, I  searched for that. I read it, then suddenly the computer said ‘If your’e reading this it means youre having a really, bad cursssssssssseee’!

I got scared. Then I went outside I was crossing the road but the sharp sword  scratched me on the arm… sudddenly the pain in my arm dripped down like burning hot LAVAAAA!  There was an ant, my blood killed it straight awaaaaaaaayy.I didnt like it.

Did you have a curse in your life?

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100 WC by Ibrahim Cristiano Ronaldo’s saying

I was playing against FCBarcelona. There was Puyol, Pique and Dani Alves in front of me. I did a rainbow flick on Dani Alves. I did Elastico on Puyol. When it came to Pique I was about to do a around the world but he kicked me on my hand and he got a red card. I couldn’t feel anything after I scored the free kick. But suddenly the pain in my arm got a bit worse and it felt like my hand was about to fall off. After half time I scored but I got fouled again…

Ronaldo’s picture!

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Hundred Word Challenge by Fiza

Hello my name is Fiza and my  favorite thing is playing on Pad and I had so much FUN !!! suddenly I scraped my arm on the table and  I THAY WAS NO BODY AT HOME!!!!!!!!!! suddnely I  heard a voice from upsarse then I  saw someone beahind the cartens then someone touchted me from the back of my shoulder I SCREAAMED AHHHHH!!!!! but it was my frieand we went down sters I saw a woman siting on my couch with some red heare  and she tearnd around I thoute it was a dolls heare but she was screaming like a cat

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100 wc by Urmi

Dear Dairy

Suddenly the pain in my arm made me cry and scream loudly. As I was walking in the park I fell into a dark pitch. That’s when I realised my arm was bleeding.I shouted out HELP! then my friends came over to help.I was in the hospital an I had a  bandage on my arm.All my friends signed my .my mum got me lovely flowers for me.In a few weeks I came out of hospital.All my friends gave me lots of lovely cards.I am gowing a appointment in the doctors to check my arm if it is

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100 word callange.

One day there was a foot ball match going on and then karat kid came and the foot balers turned into zombies.AND THEN KRATY KID WAS FITTING THE ZOMBIS AND THE ZOMBIS WHERE SHOOTING HIM THEN KRATY KID WAS DOJING THEM.AND THEN THE ZOMBIS RAN OUT OF BULLETS AND THEN KRATY KID GOT BITE AND KRATY KID GOT ANGRY AND THEN KRATY KID PUNCH EACH OF THE ZOMBIS.Now the foot balers got human again and then the foot balers where happy and the powerful zombie was left and there where fighting and the fans where cheering happy.

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Hundred word challange by loyza

Hello My Name is Loyza one day i Was playing on My i pad
and then my Big brother comes along and snatches the i pad off me. i end up scraeping my arm on the table sudentley the ipad droped on me i then whent to the hospitall!!!!!!!!
i loved it at the hospital it was so much fun i played with the jigsaw puzzles i drew lots off pictures i even had a remocantroll bed all to my self i had 2 choclete bars
and a box off sweets and then i had an injection it was so pain full aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhr!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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