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Viking Village by Abdullah

On top of the Hausa there is a man building a Worden Hausa . On the Worden steak there was fish hanging on the strong stick . I sod a man coking fish for dinner or for patty and  slinging .  In the basket there was water and fish and the fish was swimming a lot in the water. the vikings was  building there h with mood . On a stack there was 4 bid er hanging on a ster for  sela. i can see a man Selina thong food and vegetable. In a gold basket there was gold money  and foods to eat . i so a Beard tatting on the brown blue steck. I saw a pink pig was eating blue Straw .

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100wc By Abdullah

I was playing cricket  with my cricket in the parck then it was my turn to ball then i did it then he wacte then my frind cachate the boll then the boy wacet to the rod then he het the car with the boll then ther teme tagert was 99 . then it was my  tim ten to play criket then my frind heted hig in the sky then he was heten hig when he hete then then the ather tim cachte him then we awar tagert was 100 then wen then i got are cop then my frinds was so happy then we went home than my mum was happy.

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Ancient Greeks scher By Abdullah





5. ANCINT  GREEKS   CHESS                  -   HERE





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Abdullah Snow Poem

Snow gently full down  on the floor.

Snow gently  full  doon fro the sky.

Snow gently full doon on  the trre.

 Care park look like withe .

Cold frosty day in the nitee .

 Snow is freezing as withe.

Snow sleeper as freezing slide.

Snow man is cold .

 Snow is  gold shane black shane .

Flow is shan like snow.




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Christmas by Abdullah

Abdullah-Jacobo is a nines man because he  is so scared because  his crops  never never crops up .

My  favourite  song   is  blow  the  trumpets.


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Monster Over The Hill By Abdullah

 The  Mayor  Sad  Kan You Com With  Me  . Me The  Mayor

Sad   Kan  You  Com  With Me  Blacks

  Mith  No  Bot   How  Wood  Lock  Aft My BIOS  .

 The Mayor Sad Kan  You  Com With  Farmer  No  He  Sad

 How    Wood   Lock  Aft   My Honeyz.   Necks   Arks   The   Const  Ble.   Sad How   Wood  Lock  Aft   My   Flamme.   Fant  The  Tittle   Girl And  Sad  MeMe    The  mayor  And  Mao  Sad   You Are  To  Letle.

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Pirates By Abdullah

many  years  ayo  lived  anblood   pirates.   On hiz  hat  he has   are  det hat.  Hez  hars  he  hoz  are  det sod.  In plup  pirtes  sow  hauntd  island  and  gost  in the teer.Te  jomp awe hez  bot becouse  he  sow  wech king sekpeng  plup  pirates  runs up  to treasure teer becaus he  wont li chop it  dewn  the king wekp  and    cis he  awe winhe   selpeg   gold  apple.  nekst   the  strg   bogds    came    Tay  he on  ho teer .   nekst  bagds   ge   shak axe  form  he  boct  chophe  .   nekst  the  ches  he  skeltn   poly  in the hotn teer  he  tha  noy the  had   paiy because  the  kelhe.

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Pirates By Abdullah

  1. He is  are  green  coul   he has  Are  Orange  mouth.

  2. He  have  are   balk  hat.  

  3. He has   blue   eyes  .   

  4. He  has  Orange  feet.

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Abdullah Describes Abdullah Land

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Abdullah Retells Goldilocks

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