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Viking Village by Adnan

on the viking floor there was a cows mooing and ducks clucking. On the farm house  there a builder fixing a big holl. on the wooden rack there are drie fish     for a patey.  next to the wooden ho use there was a long ship.                    

 Inside the Worden baskit there as woter. the  man ask to the old man do you bay  a phecn haw moch?

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100WC The poor boy by Adnan Ali

Dear Dairy

Once there was a boy, he was walking alone home. When he arrived home no one was there. Until he found out that everyone was KILLED!!! “THERE ARE  ROBBERS IN THE HOUSE”, he shouted. He was crying, the robbers heard him crying, so they kicked, punched him and they tried to break his arm. So I ran as fast as I  could and I went to my grandma’s.SUDDENLY THE PAIN IN MY ARM, when I arrived at my grandma’s, I had noticed that she had gone to wales, so I had no one to look after me, I got caught.

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Ancient Greeks research by adnan ali

1.One of these games are click   HERE

2.Onother one is click HERE

3. And another one is click HERE

4.And another one is click HERE

5.This is the last one click HERE

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Snow by Adnan Ali

On Saturday Sunday and Monday i was having a snowball fightwith my brother and then my big sister who’s 13 she came in .Me my bother and sister were having lot’s of fun together ,then i wipe washed my sister then my sister got angry and said your not gonna get the ipod and i said i don’t care i’ll just play on tablet  and then she was begging me so that she can play temple run .And then isaid then let me play on your ipod to download temple run 2 .Then she said OK!!!

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Snow day by Adnan

Snow is falling down.

soft snow falling from the heavenly sky.

Soft snow lying  on the floor like a polar bear.

a roof covered  with snow.

Snow is falling  of the roof.


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X box by adnan

How to use the x box we can

Add the teams score up and see who’s team won.

We can double or half the teams scores.



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Mosque by Adnan ali

At mosque my mosque teacher said we have 2 weeks day off because so that we can enjoy our selfs and have a enjoying christmas day.

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Villager by Adnan

My character in the play is called villager.The villager is a poor person and a person who needs alot of money
because villagers are poor.We have to get crops from the farmer sometimes.My favourite songs are blow the trumpet
and bang the drum . I like the song becaus it has a really good tune and we sing it loud. My second best song is
here we come a wassaling and i like this song because it has high tunes and low tunes and normally people sing it loud without high and low tunes.

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On Friday BY Adnan

I really enjoyed friday because i went to mosque and we finished at 6:30 normally we finish at 7:00.

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Cornelia Sorabji by Adnan

conelia  sorabdji  wus bon in a rich famly. cornelia sorbji wos the fast woum to sstudy. She study in ox fud unwesty. She coud sdy  wimn kat warc.


Fanyl dayd at harat lundn.

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Adnan Retells Goldilocks

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