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Viking setting by amina

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Viking Village by Amina

On the rocky flor there is a blue dog chasing a green chickens. On top of the long brown tree there were apples the size of a FOOT BALL! they are fresh fish on the wooden rack. Next to the broken house there was big TOOL! on the table was a dusty and dirty spider on top of the rack a are a blue to fheasants to speopleell to  and blak and green feathers. The old man said do you wont to buy fheasants?

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Ancient Greeks Research By amina

1.Ancient Greeks mask-here

2. Kids Games – here

3. ancient greeks/ here

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Snow Day by Amina


Snow Is Follng Dawn,

Cool frosty freezing day,

slowly  snowing in the breeze.

Shivring snow is folline of The Rur.

Fast Slippy Slidy ice LOOK OUT!

Snowing gently on the floor like a soft fluffy blanlcet.

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Are you my mother? By Amina

A mother bird sat on her egg. the egg jumped. oh oh said the mother bird. my baby will be here he will want to eat. i must get something for my baby bird to eat she said i will be back so away she went. the egg jumped it jumped and jumped and jumped out came the baby bird wher is my mother? he said. he looked for her. he looked up. he did not see her. He looked down. He did not see her. i will go and look for her he said. so away he went. by amina


Farmer by Amina

Amina: The Character I play is  called farmer. I do  not have any crops and the Romans come and take my money. My favourite music is marry song and blow the  trumpet bang.

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Monster Over The Hill by Amina

 Chickens wot lay eggs Caws wot give mele. Smcre Bullaud of the next And Cann not sleep in the lay the litle brow egg.Next the  Said cold the Mayor.

Eventually the mayor asked the meetig. The  meyor acst the famer  can you go with me? The famer sed i have loock  afdar me beests. Thes meyor asked the blacksmith can you go with Me? No because i have to shoe the horses. ther meyor acst constblbe can you go with me ?  because I have loock afda me famle thed me you to smol ok?

The moste scared  the pepl  and peple lan no sleep in the af boa sced in the nitar. The mostar livd in mawt was a mostar.

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Snog Hort by Amina

Many many years ago Lived a grumpy pirate called Snog Hot. Snog Hot did not have frlend because people  axed Snog Hot and his says no . Snog Hot has a brown hat with feathers. The bave dragon blast the cold water next it was chuccee fire. The dragos did have no fire Snog Hot blast sun watar on dragos.

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Amina Describes Crocodile Land

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Amina Retells Goldilocks

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