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viking village by Arman

On a rainy day there was  a green angry chicken  that  got chaste bye a  big cow all around the messy farm.On top of the hard table there was  delicate eggs being solid. In   distance you can hear chickens clucking for yummy food. On top of the muddy, hard floor.In the cold  distance the geese are loud because they are shooting for yummy food.Under the table  was a basket  and there was pheasants  dead.

Ther are fresh fish and put one degres  of chilley pouder.

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Monster Over The hill by Arman

Eventually the  mayor call a meting they gather arond before him  then the meir said.To  the farma can you come i haf to look after my anemls then the meir said to the  blakesmif can you come but i haf to look  after my  hors i put thrir shos.

Constable can you come  but i hafto look  after my famle let them  withe at chilntThena litl girl gumpt saiitd me me  then the mayor said you threow youlive  when it was nigh the girl thin when it was moring she she monting she the monster  it was big then it was sis of aelphn then hous the dog then cat then a mows then girl said wat you name my name is fiyar.



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Arman Describes The Underworld

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Arman Retells Goldilocks

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