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The Christmas Production by Aleesha

The Christmas Production

The play

The Christmas Production was on the Tuesday 19th December,Wednesday 20th December and Thursday 21st December.I was so nervous I would forget my lines but confusingly there was prompters (someone that alert you to not say wrong things or do wrong things etc.) My Nan loved the  play she came to see it twice when I came home on Thursday she gave me a little treat and when its christmas she is going to get me £40 pounds of gifts I am so happy.

How it went?

The Christmas production was fulled with laughter , entertainment and great acting.Mostly everyone didn’t forget their lines except for me (Mary) and the Shepherds (Tamzid,Sanaira,Hajrah,Imran,Naima,Fareyah).Some of the parents and other people thought what are they doing because they didn’t see Prompter 1(Ameen) showing the lines.Ameen saved my life because without him I would have messed up and I would be really ashamed of myself for not learning my lines .Well I did have 13 pages of lines to learn!

Thank yous

I would like to say a very special thank you to Miss Christopher for the props and the costumes ,a thank you to Mrs Arif for the help of putting our scarfs on and telling us the do’s and dont’s of improving the play ,Mrs Aslam for organizing the background,Costumes and the organisation.Mr Hall for the amazing paintings and drawings that the Blue Base children did.Mr Copperwheat,Mr Monether,Mr Florey and The Year 6 recorder group for their dazzling music.Mrs Akhtar for her brilliant ‘book talk ‘.I have saved the best till last all the parents for coming and The whole of Blue Base children for learning the lines and for remembering to bring their beautiful costumes,and especially Mr Copperwheat’s literacy group for writing the play it was absolutely humorous, interesting and cheerful play script writing.

As you can see there are so many people to say thank you to because everyone for put so much time and effort into the play a very…     


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my favourite song and charater

My favouite song is blow the trumpit becuse it has a good beat
and my favrouite charater is mary becus it has a long part.

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Villager by Adnan

My character in the play is called villager.The villager is a poor person and a person who needs alot of money
because villagers are poor.We have to get crops from the farmer sometimes.My favourite songs are blow the trumpet
and bang the drum . I like the song becaus it has a really good tune and we sing it loud. My second best song is
here we come a wassaling and i like this song because it has high tunes and low tunes and normally people sing it loud without high and low tunes.

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All about the Wiseman 3 by Khalisa

Wise man 3

Khalisa:The character I’m playing in the Christmas Production is Wise man 3. My character is really bossy and mean, and the Wise man 3 has lots of parts. Wise man 3 is so exited to see the baby Jesus. The part I’m playing is cleverer than Wise man 1 and Wise man 2. My character is rich because he has gold, Myrrh and Frankincense . When I do the assembly I’m going to be scared, because I might get my lines wrong and there’s going to be  lots of people like Governors, parents, kids and all the children in Bankside Primary School. There’s  also going to be lots of Head teachers. My favourite song is Blow the Trumpet and bang the drum.

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Our Christmas Production by Hamza

Hamza:The Character i play is King Herod.My Character is a nasty King he wants to kill Baby Jesus.He kills Baby under two years old because he thinks he is going to lose his throne.

My favourite song is Gaudete because it is a good tune and we all like to sing it

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priest 2 by Roman

My character in the I play is Priest 2 and he is a good man. The priest ia a nice man and clever and I say “That’s what it says in the bible.” The priest doesn’t want the baby to die.

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Villager by Zeesham

Zeesham:My character in the play is the villager and he gets frustrated when he has to pay taxes to the Romans.Besides that he is happy and cheerful with his friends.My favorite song is rat-tat.

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Priest 3 (Christmas Production) By Ibrahim

My character is a Priest in our play. He is nice, kind and generous too. My favourite song is Gaudete because it’s in two languages and it has a good beat. I really like Gaudete because once you’ve learnt it, it just sticks in your head and you sing it in random places. My scene is about King Herod wanting to find Jesus and worship him and did not want him to be born because Jesus would have been king.My favourite scene is when the Angel Gabriel first tells Joseph to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt because Herod wanted to kill Jesus and then in the last scene Herod dies and a new king replaces Herod. Angel Gabriel then told Joseph in his dreams to take Mary and Jesus back to Nazareth because Herod is dead and Joseph and Mary both think that the new king is nicer.

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Christmas by Abdullah

Abdullah-Jacobo is a nines man because he  is so scared because  his crops  never never crops up .

My  favourite  song   is  blow  the  trumpets.


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Christmas by fiza

Fiza: Rebecca is  a  good  lady shes  not   that  bad  to  evreyone.  And  i  have  4   lines  to   rmember   but  i  know  them  all   if  i  didant  in   asemblly    i     should   of    been  shy. Thay  are  lots  of    teachers  and  children  waching  in  THE   HALL.  A ND  MY  FAVERET    song  is  blow  the  trumpit  and   band   the    drum.

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Christmas by Walenty

Prie 2 Nice And Hello Man Walenty The Charikter i Play Is Called Pre2 My Favorite Song Is Ratatat.

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My character in the Christmas proutuction 2012 by Ayub

My name is Ayub and  my character in the christamas play is Naomi’s husband.

My favorite song is Gaudete and Blow the trupet and bang the drums beacause i like the actions of the song.


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Tajim: my character is called angle Michael .Angle Michael is happy when he gives some nice message around.

He doesn’t like it when people give him nasty messages.My favourite song is  ratatat because it will go well with Christmas.

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Isacc by Haroon

Haroon  my character is Isaac this person  is poor and they don’t have money to by some food  they ask the farmer for favorite song is standing  in  the rain because  it has a god tune   Spoiler alert  the  play   is about   Mary having a baby  and  there are  lots  of songs and in the play Herod tries to kill Jesus and  she will have a baby.

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Blue Base Christmas Production

Urmi:my charter in the play is villager.Villager asc fore food,crops,water an some fore the baby.And villagers help lots of people.An my favorite song is blow the trumpet.It is all about this boy has come.In the play I say hey Mr Farmer how Ar your crops those children of mine Ar screaming in my face because thay Ar staving.


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