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Edward 100 WC kick boxing

One day a boy called Jack was going on kick boxing because in school nasty boys was always hiting him. The day after it was school time,Jack was sceard. His mum told him that he needs to goe so Jack went he went to school and the boys were wating for him and Jack said”dont hit me  a boy was about to punch him but suddently the teacher came and stoped the boy. It was home time and he came to the kick boxing lessons and he saw the boy that was hiting him Jack traind it and he won.


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Ancient greece research by Edward

1. Thinkquest- HERE

2.Ancient greece athlets-HERE

3. Avisitor,s guide to ancient greece-HERE

Λεωνίδας / 300 the movie


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Czech Republic words by Edward

Halo            Ahoj

Yes             Ano

No              Ne

Brother       Brach

Sister           Sestra

Dad             Tata

Mum          Mama

Toilet        Toaleta


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My pirate by Edward

His name is caption wood leg and his face is horrible .

He likes to tell jokes to people if you listen to one of his jokes he might be kind to you.

He got a metal dagger in his pocket that have never been out of his pocket cause his horrible face scares everybody .

Some times he battles on ships , sometime he battles on islands .

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My super hero by Edward

  • His name is Fire man
  • He can breath fire out from his mouth
  • He is very tall like a house
  • He can breath under the water

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