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Viking Village by Fahmeedah!!!

On the green bushy tall tree there is a lovely white bird loudly twittering.On top of the dirty wooden  table there is some smelly food.Under the dirty brown wooden table there was a straw basket full of pheasants to sell.Hanging on a wire there is a fresh yummy white bird dead to be eaten.There are fresh fish drying on top of a rack to be sold.On top of a tall  tree there is a fresh ,juicy (ripe) orange as big as a FOOTBALL!!  Next to the stall there is an tall old lady complaining about the price of ten tasty pheasants”how many.”

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Snowy Day By Fahmeedah

Snowy , icy roof is slippy like a slide.

Snow is cool and smooth as a ice-cream.

Freezing , frosty snowman standing outside in the dark.

Slippy , slide , shiny and  ice , LOOK OUT!!!

On the ground it is is soft , smooth , shiny and icy like a ice-cream.

Snow is falling down as fast like a car.

Snowing gently on the floor like a soft , fluffy  like a blanket.


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The Monster Over The Hill By Fahmeedah

Eventually the mayor called a meeting.Constable shouted”I can’t go because I need to look after my family.”Then the blacksmith yelled”I can’t go I have to shoes my horses so I can’t go!”After the farmer said”I need to save my cows,chicken and horse”so I can’t go.Then the little girl shouted”I’ll go I’ll go.Then the mayor said” you can’t go your to little .”Later that night the little girl said to her self shell I go or shell I not then she quietly crept out of her house.When she went to the mountain she shook from head to toe because she was scared,fightened and tried.At the top of the mountain she saw the monster.First it was the size of a house.Then a elephant,cow,dog and a cat.Finally the size of a mouse

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Fahmeedah Retells Goldilocks

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