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Hundred Word Challenge by Fiza

Hello my name is Fiza and my  favorite thing is playing on Pad and I had so much FUN !!! suddenly I scraped my arm on the table and  I THAY WAS NO BODY AT HOME!!!!!!!!!! suddnely I  heard a voice from upsarse then I  saw someone beahind the cartens then someone touchted me from the back of my shoulder I SCREAAMED AHHHHH!!!!! but it was my frieand we went down sters I saw a woman siting on my couch with some red heare  and she tearnd around I thoute it was a dolls heare but she was screaming like a cat

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Road Safety by Fiza

In road safety I  learnt how to cross a road and the rules are to:







I learnt how to cross the road  by my self  and  it was really fun and really exiting the road safety man was called Harold and it was really fun with him. I have learnt to stand back 30cm

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Anceint Greeks Research by Fiza

1.Life in ancinet Greek   HERE

2. The games in ancient greek HERE

3.The ancient greeks have a hard life HERE

4.Ancient greeks die there clouths HERE

5. The olimpic games in ancient greek

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Christmas by fiza

Fiza: Rebecca is  a  good  lady shes  not   that  bad  to  evreyone.  And  i  have  4   lines  to   rmember   but  i  know  them  all   if  i  didant  in   asemblly    i     should   of    been  shy. Thay  are  lots  of    teachers  and  children  waching  in  THE   HALL.  A ND  MY  FAVERET    song  is  blow  the  trumpit  and   band   the    drum.

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MY piarete story By Fiza

Have  you  ever  wounded  what  its   like  to  be   wontid  by  a  gang    of   pirates ?   well  let   me  tell   you.  peg  leg  pet   has  a  golden   earring  on   his  left   ear.   And   peg  leg   batllepet  has  a wooden   leg.   he  cut    his  leg   when  he  had    a   grausam   batlle with    captin   blckbeard  and   his  crew.

Peg  pets    left    hand    he   is    grausam   and    smelly  .  He  has    a    map   so   he    finds   lots  of    treasure    bered    in    the  island .  To   find   the piarete    he   has  a  gang    of  pirate   the  pirates   need    to    cross   the     bridge.    There   was    an    crocodile    waiting    for     diner.    the    pirates    fell    in  the  water    and     the   crocodile     ate    the    piaretes.    peg    leg     pet    was    sack.

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