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Viking Setting by Hassan

vikings in ArcheonCreative Commons License Hans Splinter via Compfight

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Viking village by Hassan

On a rocky ground a white and black cow was slowly  mooing and a red chickens was in fear because a dog was chasingethe chickens (for food). On top of the wooden drown ladder a strong boy was mending a roof white, drown straw because what did to sleep in the house.
In the distance a light,browned long ship is ready to De in a vicious BATL!!! On the grey wire a (ripe)fish is read to dE munched.Under the Brock,dusty and rusty tadel there is a weaved basckit.handgig on a wire a grey fish is read to de dryad.
Next to a grey, red,oring house a dog hit a cow dag!!!.NExt to a pheasant(BIRD) SHOP a pasen said “how much”?

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snow brik by Hassan

snow is foing down  are freezing like snow.
choller say sckool must be shut COOL!!!!!!
chollder race owt with zipped ckost,hats,scarcs and the door SLAM SLAM!!!!
Chollder chuck the snowboll  flying like of  light breeze,speedily and mr bushy
mum say cuming it is food time chollder say one mor

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Monster Over the Hill by hassan

In a little town they was a big green smoke  billowing over the mountain. The Monster did ti eryday.the PelP “ang ry “.’The’ farmer was the most angret”.because the chick wud laye egg”.and the caw wubt lay milk,. Eventilly
the” Mayor Callde” a meetin”! we cant” not” live” our” live” This” way”!.first can you come with me. said the “mayor” blak smith”.no wi ow shoo me horsi.The little gil said “me”me. mum said i WOT to cot frut me feer.the mast was big and it got small and amll.she tik ti  up wast yor name in a scwee vos.

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Hassan Retells Goldilocks

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