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I’m looking forward to my seaside trip by Ibrahim & Hamza

I am looking forward to my seaside trip. I am going to bring some shorts, a t-shirt, a towel and a Frisbee etc and my friend Hamza is going to bring the same things to wear but not matching. He’s also going to bring a plastic football and some sweets. We are going to have a great time there, first we are going to see the lifeguard boats, we are also going to play for a bit. Then we are going to have lunch and then play and then have some Ice Cream and we might make some sandcastles and see who can make the best sandcastle in the class. We are going to make the BEST SANDCASTLES IN THE WHOLE CLASS.

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Negative numbers by Ibrahim

Negative numbers are numbers below 0. For example : -1  -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 9- 10 and on wards.




Negative Numbers are very helpful because if you have a freezer it’s minus -12 or something like that and because it’s cold and it makes your food cool.


We are learning about negative numbers and we even checked several different country temperatures.

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100 WC by Ibrahim Cristiano Ronaldo’s saying

I was playing against FCBarcelona. There was Puyol, Pique and Dani Alves in front of me. I did a rainbow flick on Dani Alves. I did Elastico on Puyol. When it came to Pique I was about to do a around the world but he kicked me on my hand and he got a red card. I couldn’t feel anything after I scored the free kick. But suddenly the pain in my arm got a bit worse and it felt like my hand was about to fall off. After half time I scored but I got fouled again…

Ronaldo’s picture!

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road safety poster by Shorab & Ibrahim

We learnt the green cross code. The rules are

  1. Think
  2. Stop
  3. Look
  4. Listen

When you cross the road you have to be carefull because a car might crash in to you and you might get a brain damage!




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Ancient Greek by Ibrahim

1. Ancient Greek wordsearch – HERE

2.Games from A-Z – HERE

3.Make greek artifacts – HERE

4.Ancient greek game – HERE

5.A greek timeline – HERE

6.Ancient greek crossword – HERE

7.Ancient greek information for kids – HERE


Paestum , Greek temple for Poseidon / Neptune

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Xbox Games

Hi it’s me again and I’m here just to give the class a few game sites. These are the game sites I found.


Mr Hall you need to know how to use Amazon. Bye for now.



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Scary Maze Game

Hi Mr Hall I made this post because I want you to make all the children play The Scary Maze Game. The thing that I really want to know about is what there reaction comes out to be. Thanks if you do. :D

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My weekend By Ibrahim

Hi it’s Ibrahim and I’m just here to talk about my weekend. I was playing my ps3 and the game I was playing was Need for speed most wanted. It’s a racing game and I’ve got a Buggati Veyron Super  Sport and a Koenigsegg Agera r. If you want to see what they look like I’ll put pictures up on the end. O yeah if you want to know which is faster I’ll tell you if you comment back. When I was playing online I played with my Buggati Veyron Super  Sport and the Koenigsegg Agera r and I DOMINATED EVERYBODY in the lobby. (8 players Max) If anybody in the school want’s to play me then all I can say is that they’ll regret it once they’ve played me.

O yeah I said I’ll give you pictures so here take a look.


Priest 3 (Christmas Production) By Ibrahim

My character is a Priest in our play. He is nice, kind and generous too. My favourite song is Gaudete because it’s in two languages and it has a good beat. I really like Gaudete because once you’ve learnt it, it just sticks in your head and you sing it in random places. My scene is about King Herod wanting to find Jesus and worship him and did not want him to be born because Jesus would have been king.My favourite scene is when the Angel Gabriel first tells Joseph to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt because Herod wanted to kill Jesus and then in the last scene Herod dies and a new king replaces Herod. Angel Gabriel then told Joseph in his dreams to take Mary and Jesus back to Nazareth because Herod is dead and Joseph and Mary both think that the new king is nicer.

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Spoiler Alert! By Tahmid and edited by Ibrahim

Our play is about Christmas. In the first scene a bunch of villagers are talking about how they hate paying taxes to the nasty Romans. Jacob and Rebecca are worrying about how they are going to pay there taxes. Jacob has to get a extra job.

Mrs Abigail and Naomi are talking about if their crops are ready for them. Isaac and Deborah are talking about how they hate being ruled by the Romans and if their food is ready.

The farmer is talking about the Messaih to come and then he will have crops. As you can see it is hard times for everyday people. This play has got a lot of songs that are mostly about Jesus.

Soon an Angel came to Mary and said “Mary you are going  to have a special baby and you need to call him Jesus.” Then Mary said “How am I going to have a boy if I’m not married.” The Angel said “God has said to marry a man called Joseph.” King Herod found out that there was a new baby thats going to be King and to kill him because he was the KING!


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100 word challenge by Ibrahim

“Mum, I want some crisps!” demanded Henry. “NO! You’re not aloud to have any more you’ve already finished all, the crisps and the last one is Peters. “ERRR! I hate that worm.” (tv) “Ed Banger is going to be aproaching near Ashton Park.” “WOW, Ed Banger at the park. Mum I’m going to the park.”  “I don’t think so, hey why are you sitting upside down, I think my eyes need a rest, henry go with your dad but nobody else.” Henry went, when he was outside he loocked at the ground & said. “The ground, it look’s upside down.”

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The Boys Turn To Raise Money


Well Done to you and your kind families.

Thank You

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