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Our trip to the Beach By Kadiza

Our trip to the beach was a fun and we made sand catles and mr hall was chasing people with crab and after a bit we went to the sea and we were playing and our class got wet by the water. We had a fantestic time.



Viking Setting by Kadiza

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Viking Village By Kadiza

On the apple tree there are lovely yellow green singing birds. On the top of the hard wooden brown table there are white black pheasants that are waiting to be sold quickly. Next to the blue fresh water there are smelly white ducks that always quacks. Pink pigs are eating delicious tasty yummy straws that is lying down on the Rocky floor. On top of a strawberry tree there are cute , lovely birds dancing quickly! On the cold hard pond there is soft white ducks looking for delicious food. On the grassy floor there are stripy curly yellow straws lying down for the pink pigs to eat and for the black and white cows to eat. There are smelly dirty fish on the rack hanging and ready to be eaten quickly! Under the hard brown broken table there are weaved basket full of nasty white pheasants. There is a scary dog chasing after poor little chicken. In the distance there was a man shouting because there was to much noise of a HAMMER BANGING! loudly. An old lady complaining because the shop keeper sells the pheasants to much cost.

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Spring By Kadiza

I love spring because it windy.


Easter By Kadiza

I love Easter because its fun its holiday But i don’t want to be holiday because i like school!

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Red Nose Day By Kadiza

I love red nose day  and i was so happy on that day because it was fun. And we took our photos and i hope it Be’s red nose day when we go to year 5.

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India Mind Map 1 By Kadiza

Today at school Mr hall told our class about india and i know what they where on there head a red spot and there flag coler is orange and white and green.

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Ancient Greeks By Kadiza

Ancient Greeks.  Rich people have slaves to do the house work because slaves are poor. And if they touch anything rich people are gonna kill slaves.

Clever Greeks some Greeks lived in cities or town, and they or is eat vegetable to be healthy.


Little Red Riding Hood By Kadiza

Once upon a time there was little red riding  and her mom made cup cakes for her grandma and her mom said don’t go any where else a nd little red riding hood said okay and then she she went of and she saw a wolf and the wolf said lets have race to your grandmas house little red riding hood said okay and when wolf came quickly and he ate grandma in one bite then little riding hood came and she said what big teeth you have what big nose you have and little red riding hood said you are not my grandma she said you are the bad wolf and little red riding hood was shouting for help then a boy came and rescued grandma and the wolf quickly ran of and they lived happily ever after.


Snow time By Kadiza

It is wonderful time  for snow i hope its snows everyday so i can play outside and make a snow man and the snow is soft as floppy and i am so happy and excited.  And it is lovely and i hope the snow doesn’t melt.

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Snow day By Kadiza

People awake and children play. They put on there vast coatis bright and foggy. on. Children is excited, and the floor is icy and the weather

Its freezing outside and its breezing outside and kids are shouting way hey ! Ice looks beautiful.  And slowly gently snow is falling down in cold and icy ground.

The weather is frosty, and the snow is soft as floppy and like a blanket and people can t wait to play.

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How to raise our money By Kadiza

How to raise our money. our class don’t have enough money to go to sea side but where trying our best to raise our money to the sea side.

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Chrismas prodution By khadiza

 Kadiza:character I Play is Flower 2.  And I say oh King Herod why do you want the baby I think your angry! And I have to make  my face sad and I have talk like upset.  my favorite song is Blow the Trumpet and bang the Drum.

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Monster over the Hill By Kadiza

Eventually the mayor called a meeting and peoplegathered around him. The mayor asked the farmer can you come with me. No i have to look after my beasts. Then the mayor asked the blacksmith to go he said no i have too look after my horse. Then the blacksmith asked the constable the constable says no because if i don’t  return who will look after my family. Then the little girl says i ll go, the mayor said no because your too little.The girl says i am brave. The mayor said okay you can come with me.  The girl went too see the  monster she was shaking when she saw the monster.The monster was roaring at her.The monster was shouting loud and the people couldn’t  sleep. and the cows couldn’t give milk and the chicken couldn’t give egg. And the size of a house now the size of a,Now the size of a elephant.Now the size of a cow naw the cat now the size of a mouse.

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Pirate by Kadiza

Many years ago there lived a pirate he was very young but he takes peoples tearsure but one he whent to a iland to take trearsure.he be naste to people and he still thing from peoples house,he slapp people he is very bad he takes peopls mony and he very excitied and he have too boats and he is happy because he is very rich.