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Make your own wordsearch

Make your own wordsearch

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Feelings at the Beach

The beach was great fun. Use these pictures to write a paragraph about your experience at the beach.

IMG_20130628_131308 IMG_20130628_131419 IMG_20130628_130823 IMG_20130628_131234 IMG_20130628_131045 IMG_20130628_130926_1 IMG_20130628_130848

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Hornsea Rescue

We had a trip to see Hornsea Inshore Rescue. Use this picture to write about the special clothing they wear and why.


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Hornsea Trip

Hornsea Trip on PhotoPeach

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Quadblogging 25.6.13

Class Elm HERE

Ms. Dosanjh’s Class HERE

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Please comment on Greenfields Primary blog

fields of gold (CC)Creative Commons License Martin Fisch via Compfight

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Coordinates Games

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Quadblog 10.6.13

This week our Quadblog schools will be looking and commenting on your work. This gives you a chance to show off what you know on a post.

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New Second Login



Describing a Viking Setting

L/O – To be able to describe a Viking setting

2c – Sentence with a capital letter and a full stop

2b – + Use a connective

2a – + Use a good describing word (adjective)

3c – + You use different openers and your adjective is specific





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Finding positive and negative temperatures


Temperature world HERE

8: Hot Hot Hot Pete Morawski via Compfight

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Please comment on - 

1. Room 20’s Blog – HERE

2. Old Heath’s blog – HERE


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Child Led parents evening

Here is a great example of how our child led parents evenings went at Bankside. Great communication. Thank you to all of the parents and children who took part.

VID00001 from Bankside Primary on Vimeo.

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Quadblog this week






Strawberry Hill Elementary          and                      Class Elm

So it seems I am a little confused- We are in two quadblogs. PLEASE comment on the learning on these two school blogs.


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Strange message to log into your blog

Hi All,

The company that hosts our website has had a cyber attacked (sounds dramatic). You will notice a strange log in box when you try to log in (see below). The username and password for this is.

Username:   hgprotect   Password: cblogsuk