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Viking setting by Munayal

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Viking Village by munayal

On the muddy floor the small  yello chicken was pecking for food.On top  of  the  brown  wooden  table  there  was  some  apples. They  are  red.On the  brown  wooden ,table there  is a lot of  white  pheasants  and  thay  are  not  fresh   and  they  smell.Under the  wooden  brown, table  there was a.around brow  basket,it  was full of  fresh  white  geese for  people  to  buy.


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snow day

Snow gently following down of the sky.

House is full of the snow.

On the window it is snow and  icy.

Lost  of  snow on the chimney.

snowing gently on the floor like a soft,fluffy blanket.

Chilly and cold outside, glitter

shiny snow floating.

lots of snow is falling done.





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Monster Over the hill By Munayal

Eventually  the  mayor called a meeting and the people  gathered  around    him mayor he blacksmith, no I have to look after look my to horses. The ask farm no I have  put  my  to show or my . (and  need  Colene and help  put that shoe if your do put  you on and The  ask   the Black smith on I can  because haft look after cow and I can)Also I need to  Colene Next   hoersmy Sat  con stable  but he  said I have my family. Finley the little girl sat me me but you can’t go.


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Munayal Describes the Setting

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