THE ALIEN BURGER RAIDERS                     

Yestarday an alien invasion happend in bankside. They were looking for cheese burgers and triple king kong burgers.

The aliens broke half of the school with laser zapers. Mrs. Sarah Rutty the head teacher turend in to a zombie. She was screaming ” AHHHHHH”.

Mr Hall the ict leader had a ray blaster and shot one and the lead alien came HAMZA THE TERIBBLE. ” YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR NOT GIVING  MY FREINDS KING KONG BURGERS, AND CHEESE BURGERS”. Then Wei Shen came the under cover police offcier. THEN HAMZA THE HORRIBLE CAME AND SAID” I AM GOING TO KILL YOU Wei Shen” Loyza the yellow teeth had so bright yellow teeth and the sun got jelious and burt her. Then Hamza killed Wei Shen with his fist and they won by getting the burgers.

                                                                                                                                                           THE END

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