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♥beach day♥ to Hornsea★ By Nuha

Blue 3  went on a coach to the beach.I really liked it but I hated the coach because lots of people on the coach was feeling sick and it was boring. ♥ When my class and me  got there it was so cool.We went to Hornsea rescue place it was good because if someone was lost in the sea and nobody was there that would be dangerous.♥We had some drinks then we left our things.♥we saw canoe,boats and lots more.♥then we came back to get are things so we could go to the  ♥♥BEACH♥ ♥           




                                               a link for you to play on                                     

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Part 2 in Egypt !!! by Nuha

After that I went to the restaurant to eat they made lovely food. When I finished I went to the beach because my family were there. We went there to have fun with my cousins Izza and Imma. They were splashing water on me  SPLASH !! I  loved it, we sat on the chairs THEN I went to get some water and splash it on them. 


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seaside trip Yay!

Yes blue 3 will go to the beach yes i can’t wait to go to the beach and i hope it will be warm. 




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My holiday in egypt !!!


I really liked egypt i went to sham el sheik i wanted to go back there because it’s hotter than england and my hotel was called sea gardens we had to put on a bracelet we could go to more hotels and we went to the swimming pool.

I went with my cousins Izzapool it was so COLD we got used to it it was really deep our dad’s came in with us.,Imma we went to the big

When my dad’s got in they got use to the water fast my dad picked me up i was laghing my head off then we went on the slides.

I went down WOOSH ! i loved it then we came out and did a shower we putted our clothes on then i we putted on suncream my cusions and i went to the park.

this will be contiued…


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100 wc a battel of a the Viking warrior

                                    THE DRAGONS


One day theVikings  were looking for dragons they wanted to kill.  it they were looking for there home till a battle came from the dragons there was a boy called Scott he wanted to kill a dragon but he had to be a black smith he was making sword for the battle the dragons came the leader was Scott’s dad he said “BEGIN!!” the dragon was shooting at the Vikings they had a scary battle and Scott he was really scared suddenly the darkest creature called the black fury he scratched a viking he was in pain.


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Red Nose Day here we come !

On red nose day i will be wearing a red nose but i don’t when?.I really hope that Mr.hall will weir a funny costume like he’s is dreaming.And everybody  laugh’s and people would think he was sleep walking.I wish that was true then i would laugh then i would let my head come of. 

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100 WC by Nuha part 1

car stopped suddenly part 1…

That night in the middle it was cold and dark like a frozen man just standing there. Till people was shivering suddenly a black car like it has red blood all over it.And another car came that was dark red car they were goner race each other people was crying there kids was really scared.there mum and dad took them home really fast.Till the mad racers begin.

Then they ZOOMED and all the people went and Gothic people came.To cheer.Most people cheered for the black bloody car and even wanted the

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             This will be continued…

Crashed Car Royalty Free Stock Photo

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Blue 3 are all doing a sell

Blue 3 were all doing a big sell on Friday afternoon and everything was sold .I was the only one with a full bag .It’s good  that day has gone because my hand was KILLING ME !!!

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P.J Day and fundraising day friday 8th febuary

  P.J Day and fundraising day

Today it is pajama day!we’re having a pajama day becouse we are donating money to the poor. There are lots of diffrent coulours and today we are fundraising for the sea side aswell we have got toys and have got book and coulouring booklets.

                                                I HOPE EVERY ONE HAS FUN


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All about Ancient greece

The Ancient Greeks lived along time ago if you were very rich and posh you would live in a posh beautiful Greek house.And have lots of servert you would.As a farmer you would have to do everything your self but get some neighbors to help you so that you can have a break and get back to work but if your rich you would let your servert to do all the work and you can just relax in home and you can more servernts.In November you need to plough the land with a heavy wooden plough,pulled by oxen or mules.It is too cold for crops to grow,so use the time to repair farm walls and building                                                            

                                      I had learned a lot

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songs that i know

1. these re some of girls aloud songs girs aloud somthing new

2.another girl aloud girl aloud

3.labrith earh qwake ladis and gentelman

4.princess of china rianna

5.littel mix wings

6.taler swift        IF THERE ARE MORE SONGS YOU can POST ONE                     

                                           These are some links 

                   time to paty

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Greek times

Facts about greek click now

Did you know they if you were rich you would do nothing and be greedy and by things but your servernt does the payingGreek women

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Ancient Greek Research by Nuha

1.Ancient Greek how to make a fun pots clich here

2.Ancient Greek click Here

3.myths and legands about greek Here

4.Greek games Here

5.greek here


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The man and the family

One day the man and the family went out to see there friend and then the man wanted to see his.
Good friend in London but he couldn’t because he had to do work and he lives in green town he loves green town.
And  he was very far and the names they were very strange, and the place was very weird and the family
went to the beach. And they saw a women’s head flying and they went home they all slept in there bed.And and they
woke up and they all said ”was it a dream?”

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The day i had from nuha

The day i had was very cold and i really like it becuase it was snow time i really like snow i made a snowdog with a snow women i had so much fun

snow is so fun!!!!

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