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My pirate by Edward

His name is caption wood leg and his face is horrible .

He likes to tell jokes to people if you listen to one of his jokes he might be kind to you.

He got a metal dagger in his pocket that have never been out of his pocket cause his horrible face scares everybody .

Some times he battles on ships , sometime he battles on islands .

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Snog Hort by Amina

Many many years ago Lived a grumpy pirate called Snog Hot. Snog Hot did not have frlend because people  axed Snog Hot and his says no . Snog Hot has a brown hat with feathers. The bave dragon blast the cold water next it was chuccee fire. The dragos did have no fire Snog Hot blast sun watar on dragos.

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Pirates By Abdullah

many  years  ayo  lived  anblood   pirates.   On hiz  hat  he has   are  det hat.  Hez  hars  he  hoz  are  det sod.  In plup  pirtes  sow  hauntd  island  and  gost  in the teer.Te  jomp awe hez  bot becouse  he  sow  wech king sekpeng  plup  pirates  runs up  to treasure teer becaus he  wont li chop it  dewn  the king wekp  and    cis he  awe winhe   selpeg   gold  apple.  nekst   the  strg   bogds    came    Tay  he on  ho teer .   nekst  bagds   ge   shak axe  form  he  boct  chophe  .   nekst  the  ches  he  skeltn   poly  in the hotn teer  he  tha  noy the  had   paiy because  the  kelhe.

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Pirates By Abdullah

  1. He is  are  green  coul   he has  Are  Orange  mouth.

  2. He  have  are   balk  hat.  

  3. He has   blue   eyes  .   

  4. He  has  Orange  feet.

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The seven sea by Dawood

Have  you ever Woodard  Wat it ,s like to  be a  pirate that,s waited by a gang of  pirate ,s . Well let me  tell  you  about  the sea ,s  deadliest    pirate  black  beard      he was the most  fear st pirate  he was   and   fearless and   mean        pirate  .  That no   won would dared to  fight   with but won ice,e nighthe heard a pirate crew   talk about treser island   so he  woke  his  croow  up and  set  of  to find  it  so he . Went  to  villages finding part ,s  of the  map and .

On the  way  he lost  some  men on  the way  to  a  crakan then   he  seen a  ship    so  he   lit all  the canons at  once boom  the  ship  sunk  faster  the ,n the  titanic  it ,suicide  get the treasure,,  .  this  is  the  island he  said there  was  the  cave so  he  now,n  there wear traps so  he  made .  His crew  go  first  then  he  seen the treasure  and  there   we,r   disposer’s on  the wall with  arrow,s   he got shot every weir . so  this is  it  now.

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Pirates By Aleesha

 The silly old pirates

Once upon a time there lived  3 pirates,one named Pink-beard,one called Orange-beard and one called Green-beard.They stole a boat and quickly sailed away in the cold,scary and navy blue sea.Pink-beard,Orange-beard and Green-beard never found treasure  only smelly cotton socks also lots of paint.
Then Pink -beard suggested “Lets’ paint the sails pink and the anchor pink the whole ship pink !” A few moments later Orange-beard  said “No lets ‘ paint the ship orange ,everything in fact !” “NO,NO,NO lets’ paint our pirate ship green !”  So Green-beard shouted ”  GREEN ! ” ,then Pink-beard screamed ” PINK!” and afterwards Orange-beard  announced “” ORANGE!”
Meanwhile they were arguing  Green-beard got a paint brush and a paint bucket from Paintsarrus  and he started to paint ,he started to paint and the crew went  and  got some paint. swiftly the 3  painted there boat and the colors were mixing instantly. That was  the last of them ever again ,they were torpedoes.
The boat finally turned …  A rather unpleasant shade of brown ,Pink-beard and Orange-beard threw Green-beard  overboard “OW!”



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scary pirates by Sanaira

Disney - I See You  This is a sekeleton. It has got one eye.

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Pirates by Nuha

stock vector : Four people family celebrating Halloween holiday party with pirate and mermaid costumes

adult, adventure, boy, brother, cabin boy, captain, carnival, cartoon, celebrate, celebration, children, costume, cute, dad, daughter, family, fantasy, father, female, four people, fun, girl, group, halloween, happy, hat, holiday, illustration, joyful, kids, laugh, male, man, mardi gras, mermaid, mom, mother, parent, party, pirate, sister, smile, son, sweet, sword, vector, woman, young


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Pirates by Amirah

stock vector : Opened antique treasure chest. Vector illustration.


Antique, shiny, brown, precious, treasure all for me…

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Pirates by Sanaira


Johnny Depp live on the set as Captain Jack Sparrow  This is scary pirate. I think he is in a movie. He got beads in his hair.

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