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Viking setting by Rabia

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Viking Village by Rabia!!!

On the hard muddy floor there was white geese screaming loudly becouse they want food and there was cows chasing dark brown chikens. On top of the broken wooden table the man was selling lovely dresses and the black pheasants.  In the distance you can hear the black lovely pheasant tweeting on the brown rusty wooden stick. There are smelly fresh fish hanging on the wooden rack and they are ready to eat. Next to the broken wooden house they are pink pigs looking for red, black straws and there was a apple tree and it was fresh,  jucy (ripe). It was hard as a football!!!Under the dusty, dirty table there is a  weaved basket full of dead black pheasants. Next to the broken house there is a old man complaining about the broken house becouse there are people shouting,screaming”.Are you going to stop shouting”.

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Ancient Greek Research by Rabia


1. The Games in ancient greek HERE

2.Ancient greek museum HERE

3. ancient greek olimpia games HERE

4.The sports in ancient greek HERE

5.Greek interactive games HERE

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Winter wonderland by Rabia

Shining , sparkly , snow floating down like a breeze.

Gliittering snow falling down slowley in a fogy day.

Children are whooshing in the snow.

Snow man outside is freezing like a storming thunder.

Shiny,misty,slippy ice sweeping under the ground.

Icy sparkling floor. LOOK OUT!!

Snow man is happy in the snow.

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Blue Base Christmas Production.

Rabia]My character the  is Herod follow 3. Herod is a bad king. He thinks his followers are his servants. Nobody likes king Herod because he is a cruel king. The follow needs to follow king Herod’s rule whatever he says.king Herod scares me when he shouts so loud. king Herod tells everyone to kill every baby in Bethlehem.



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Monster over the hill by Rabia.

One day there was a mayor shouting everyone to gather around him because there was a monster on top of the mountain.He shouted out to the farmer can you help me and he shouted i can’t go because I need to look after my beasts and my animal. Next the blacksmith was brave but the mayor asked him and the blacksmith say’s i can not go i need to shoe my horses. The monster try’s to come down but he can’t. Then the farmer called the shopkeeper to help the shopkeeper say’s I’m too busy so i can not help you. The monster overcome’s then it get’s really really dark outside and the people could not go to sleep of the monster and there was yellow smoke outside. Finally the little girl says me me me. I’m not afraid like you lot so i can go but the  mayor says you can not go because your just a kid. When she went up the mountain there was a big monster that was a house and a elephant and finally a little mouse and she said what is tour name she said my name is fear.

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Cornelia sorabji life by Rabia.

First cornelia was born in november 15 18 66 to a rich family who did a lot of work for charity.She went to oxford university to study.cornelia helped people and she was a brave women.cornelia went to india people was not nice to her becouse she was a chritian and a women.cornelia was the first brave women in her family to get a degree.cornelia did a lot to help poor people to get education and health care.cornelia was not treated very kindly.she went to london to study people was very mean to her.cornelia said se was a lawyer people thought it was nonsence a women to be a law.cornelia helped a lady a women who hod been place by a fire on a hot tin plate on her stomach.cornelia did not stop studying and she helped lots people.cornelia helped children that are without parent.Fianaly she diad at her home in londen in 6th july1954.