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viking setting by Roman

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ancient greeks research byroman

1. life ancint greeks game HERE

2. ancint greek olimpia games HERE

3.ancient greek  HERE



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snowman day by Roman

Snow is falling slowly to the ground

 Snow is on the icy house.  

Trees are full with white bright snow.

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priest 2 by Roman

My character in the I play is Priest 2 and he is a good man. The priest ia a nice man and clever and I say “That’s what it says in the bible.” The priest doesn’t want the baby to die.

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Monster Over the hill by Roman Amir.

One day the mayor. Called for a meetiug. So they could talk about the monster that was over the hill. Then the mayer asked who is going to come with me. So the mayor asked the farmer and the farmer said, no i have animals to look after. The mayor says blacksmith can you come, no because i have horses to take care off. So the mayor turns around to the constable and say you can come with me. No way i have children and a wife if i go who will look after my family. They all say to the mayor you should go, if i go there will not be a moyer.

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