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Vikings settng by Sadhiya

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Vikings Village by Sadhiya!!!

On the grassy floor there was a furry pigs eating yummy straws. On top of the  broken wooden table there were clothes in a dusty wooden weaved basket.Under the wooden brown table there wooden basket full of peach (colored) straws.On the floor there is white  gesse eating yummy lovely food.there is fresh fish to be cooked on the wooden rack! (ready to be sell) Next to the broken house there is a old lady complaining because vikings are killing people and making loud noise “LOUD VIKINGS NOSIE.!”


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Snowday by sadhiya

People awake and the snow is whooshing and the kids play.

On the ground snow is soft and cold and the snowman is to much chilly.

Icy snow is shimmering slowly the snow goes down on to the tree and the roof.

On the roof  is slowly melting snow but it  looks like ice cream in the sun.

People are sleeping then kids quickly goes outside to play and kids are flowing snow on people says LOOK  OTT!!! that snowball.


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Monster Over The Hill By Sadhiya Begum

Eventually  there were yellow smoke with billowing over moytan the good crop diad. In the  houes people could not sleep because the monster rora with a big voice.The chicken could not gave eggs and the cow could not gave mike. Eventually the Mayor called a mealing  so they could  woke all what to  do!  Next  the Mayor went to the constable should. “ I can’t go because i need to look  After my family .” the blacksmith  yelled  because i need to fix  my horseshoes i can’t go no. Finally  the girl  jumped up i want to go.  Your to litter if you go you  would be to scary  said the Mayor .Next night  litter girl went out of her room.She  went to top of the Mouton  she was so sleepy and she was very scary and saw a montser . first it was a size of house , elptal ,cow ,dog and cat . Fanally the size of a moue and  she as ken what your name ? My name is payer.

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Captian Gold and pirate Land By sadhiya

Many many year ago lived a smelly pirate.He has a herey  Leg with nasty hat with  blood and it rusty hat ,with a smelly fish.  He  has  a yellow  teeth and a gold teeth with a blood  becase  he doens not bursh his teeth. The pirate  has  a new  boat with  his helpuf  and he got  a puprle   boat   and blue boat.  The   land  was a scray  skelen so  he  makes people  scared  get  scray  land . The  land is  hot day and a wind day.The  Land  is smelly   becase  he   makes  poeple  flow  things  is  the land.   When  he  wakes  up  poeple  got a hard rock with  black sopt  BANG ! HE  wake up aaaaaaaa the  



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Sadhiya Retells Goldilocks

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