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Feelings at the Beach

The beach was great fun. Use these pictures to write a paragraph about your experience at the beach.

IMG_20130628_131308 IMG_20130628_131419 IMG_20130628_130823 IMG_20130628_131234 IMG_20130628_131045 IMG_20130628_130926_1 IMG_20130628_130848

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Hornsea Rescue

We had a trip to see Hornsea Inshore Rescue. Use this picture to write about the special clothing they wear and why.


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Hornsea Trip

Hornsea Trip on PhotoPeach

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seaside trip Yay!

Yes blue 3 will go to the beach yes i can’t wait to go to the beach and i hope it will be warm. 




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Seaside Trip Total…so far

Well done you guys (adults and children).  The total  raised so far is £273.77

 The seaside trip is getting closer.

Next term we will carry on this great work with some cooking and selling (thanks Mrs Arif for the great idea).

Colors of Summer - Ice Cream Earrings #4 Stéphanie Kilgast via Compfight

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How to raise our money By Kadiza

How to raise our money. our class don’t have enough money to go to sea side but where trying our best to raise our money to the sea side.

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How to raise money by Amirah

How to raise money.

How to raise money ? You could raise money by selling these kind of stuff.


-old clothes


-toys and games



These are the thing

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How to raise money by syeda

You can raise money by selling your old clothes that you dont were any more.

You can sell old toys that you dont play with any more.

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Our Money Raising

Hello all,

Firstly, well done with the money raising for our seaside trip in the summer. We have raised £215. We need to raise £400. Can you work out how much more we have to raise?

We need new ideas for how we are going to raise this money. How do you think we could do it? Please comment back to this post with an idea.


holkham 4Click the picture to view Hornsea (we may go here)

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Hello from Hamza

Hi Blue 3 i just want to say i am so happy we got more money then the girls yes by the way it is for the sea side!!!!!!!!!

SEE YOU PROBLY NEXT WEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AMAZING effort from the girls in Blue Base this week – You

made a whopping…



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