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I’m looking forward to my seaside trip by Ibrahim & Hamza

I am looking forward to my seaside trip. I am going to bring some shorts, a t-shirt, a towel and a Frisbee etc and my friend Hamza is going to bring the same things to wear but not matching. He’s also going to bring a plastic football and some sweets. We are going to have a great time there, first we are going to see the lifeguard boats, we are also going to play for a bit. Then we are going to have lunch and then play and then have some Ice Cream and we might make some sandcastles and see who can make the best sandcastle in the class. We are going to make the BEST SANDCASTLES IN THE WHOLE CLASS.

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Seaside trip by Haroon

Hi evreyone as we know, so far everyone is going to the seaside so I suggest that all of us including me should be good. And not get three strikes for the people who don’t now want a  strike is I’ll Tell you if you get three strikes you are not allowed, to go to the seaside. Because that means that you will not behave at the seaside and won’t be allowed to go. so far everyone is going I have  no strikes at all three children have warnings. I think you can earn them back I don’t no I think you should ask mr Hall. If on the day you forget you won’t  go to the seaside. I will bring lots not to much that I can’t carry only the things I can carry. We have been rasing lots of money also, our class have been selling our toys food to earn the money and more accessories to. We will go to the trip, on the 22nd of may 2013 and if it rains  that means we will not go and if the forcast is rain still no but, i wish it is sunny and a hot DAY!  bye if any more info talk to mr Hall. 

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