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Coldest Place on Earth by Shorab and Zeesham

Hey guys look this is the coldest place on Earth. Just click here 

I've reached the end of the world Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

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100 word challenge by shorab viking battle

one  day  i was having  battle with the Romans  my viking  friend lost his arms by the Romans then i went and chopped one of the Romans  head. it was  scary battle .A Roman banged a hammer in my arm then got my sword and chopped  his head  of  then suddenly the pain in my   my friend and said are you OK then he went somewhere  then  another Roman  camed e and  nearly chopped my arm  then my friend cam-ed and chopped his leg .then i  said thank you i killed the roman  then the battled ended  i said yes.

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Viking by Tahmid and Shorab

This is a  Viking helmet and it protects their head. It has steal armor on it. It is really hard to break and it has horns and a big spike in the top





They had axes , knifes, bows and spears and they were very helpful to the vikings they were really sharp.

The viking hoses were poor and old. They were made out of grass and waks and mud.

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road safety poster by Shorab & Ibrahim

We learnt the green cross code. The rules are

  1. Think
  2. Stop
  3. Look
  4. Listen

When you cross the road you have to be carefull because a car might crash in to you and you might get a brain damage!




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Anicient Greek research By Shorab

Anicient greek musuem-here

anicient greek math-here

anicient greek hero-here


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wise men by Shorab

The character i play is  wise men 2. He is very wise  and  they choose the right  to do whats very sensible. They are the goodies .The three wise man go on adventure to find Jesus.and the three wise men followed the star to get there. They are very kind.and wise men 2 is clever ist of the wise men.My favourit song is blow the trumpet bang the drum.

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My pirate story by Shorab

L0ng long ago two pirate gangs had a gruesome battle  Black Beard was jealous of    Caption Hook because he had a hook and Black  beard  did not have a hook and Caption Hook was showing off .because the other gang. Tried chopping his head off.because they got jealous.

Black Beard was getting his gruesome have a ware with Caption Hooks gruesome gang Black be and his twenty crewwa was wating at the cold wind Caption Hook never came.

one of black beard crew sond caption hooks crew .then black beard crew  stabbed him Black bears sawer caption hook  black beard said lets have the ware caption hook choppt his fingerblack beard stabd him.

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