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My Story By Tahmid and Hamza

                                                                                                                          THE ALIEN BURGER RAIDERS                     

Yestarday an alien invasion happend in bankside. They were looking for cheese burgers and triple king kong burgers.

The aliens broke half of the school with laser zapers. Mrs. Sarah Rutty the head teacher turend in to a zombie. She was screaming ” AHHHHHH”.

Mr Hall the ict leader had a ray blaster and shot one and the lead alien came HAMZA THE TERIBBLE. ” YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR NOT GIVING  MY FREINDS KING KONG BURGERS, AND CHEESE BURGERS”. Then Wei Shen came the under cover police offcier. THEN HAMZA THE HORRIBLE CAME AND SAID” I AM GOING TO KILL YOU Wei Shen” Loyza the yellow teeth had so bright yellow teeth and the sun got jelious and burt her. Then Hamza killed Wei Shen with his fist and they won by getting the burgers.

                                                                                                                                                           THE END

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Monster Over the hill by Roman Amir.

One day the mayor. Called for a meetiug. So they could talk about the monster that was over the hill. Then the mayer asked who is going to come with me. So the mayor asked the farmer and the farmer said, no i have animals to look after. The mayor says blacksmith can you come, no because i have horses to take care off. So the mayor turns around to the constable and say you can come with me. No way i have children and a wife if i go who will look after my family. They all say to the mayor you should go, if i go there will not be a moyer.

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The Monster Over The Hill By Fahmeedah

Eventually the mayor called a meeting.Constable shouted”I can’t go because I need to look after my family.”Then the blacksmith yelled”I can’t go I have to shoes my horses so I can’t go!”After the farmer said”I need to save my cows,chicken and horse”so I can’t go.Then the little girl shouted”I’ll go I’ll go.Then the mayor said” you can’t go your to little .”Later that night the little girl said to her self shell I go or shell I not then she quietly crept out of her house.When she went to the mountain she shook from head to toe because she was scared,fightened and tried.At the top of the mountain she saw the monster.First it was the size of a house.Then a elephant,cow,dog and a cat.Finally the size of a mouse

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Monster Over The Hill By Sadhiya Begum

Eventually  there were yellow smoke with billowing over moytan the good crop diad. In the  houes people could not sleep because the monster rora with a big voice.The chicken could not gave eggs and the cow could not gave mike. Eventually the Mayor called a mealing  so they could  woke all what to  do!  Next  the Mayor went to the constable should. “ I can’t go because i need to look  After my family .” the blacksmith  yelled  because i need to fix  my horseshoes i can’t go no. Finally  the girl  jumped up i want to go.  Your to litter if you go you  would be to scary  said the Mayor .Next night  litter girl went out of her room.She  went to top of the Mouton  she was so sleepy and she was very scary and saw a montser . first it was a size of house , elptal ,cow ,dog and cat . Fanally the size of a moue and  she as ken what your name ? My name is payer.

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Monster Over the hill By Munayal

Eventually  the  mayor called a meeting and the people  gathered  around    him mayor he blacksmith, no I have to look after look my to horses. The ask farm no I have  put  my  to show or my . (and  need  Colene and help  put that shoe if your do put  you on and The  ask   the Black smith on I can  because haft look after cow and I can)Also I need to  Colene Next   hoersmy Sat  con stable  but he  said I have my family. Finley the little girl sat me me but you can’t go.


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Monster Over the Hill By Nicolas.

Eventually the Mayor called a meeting and the peaple gathered around him The mayor (shouted)”if we work together we will defeat the monster”.The mayor asked  the constable.The constable said”I want to go but haft to look after my family. The mayor asked blacksmith.The blacksmith said”I want to go but I need to shoe my hoses.The mayor asked the farmer.THE Famer said”I want to go but i need to look after my beast and crops.Then a little Girl said”I want to defeat the monster.After her mum and dad pleaded with her then mum and dad  said”Dount go.Later her crepted down the stirs.When she was  climing she was shacing head to tow.Fanally when she saw the monster.When she went smorler she said “wots our name”. he said”my name is fear.

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Monster over the Hill By Kadiza

Eventually the mayor called a meeting and peoplegathered around him. The mayor asked the farmer can you come with me. No i have to look after my beasts. Then the mayor asked the blacksmith to go he said no i have too look after my horse. Then the blacksmith asked the constable the constable says no because if i don’t  return who will look after my family. Then the little girl says i ll go, the mayor said no because your too little.The girl says i am brave. The mayor said okay you can come with me.  The girl went too see the  monster she was shaking when she saw the monster.The monster was roaring at her.The monster was shouting loud and the people couldn’t  sleep. and the cows couldn’t give milk and the chicken couldn’t give egg. And the size of a house now the size of a,Now the size of a elephant.Now the size of a cow naw the cat now the size of a mouse.

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Monster over the hill By Minhaj

Eventually   the Mayer called a meeting  and every one gathered around him.The next day the Mayer said to the Farmer will you come with me to com over the beset? No I haft to look after my sheep and cow . The Mayer told the blacksmith? The blacksmith said I have to shoe my horses the Mayer told the constable can you come with me over the hill to over come  over beset. I have to look after ma family .The Little girl said me me ! The Mayer said you can,t do anything and her mum and dad was beginning not to go that night Shee creep out of her bed and went outside over the hill and was shiverring head  two to  .

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Mysterious Pirate Ship

Have a look at this pirate ship something mysterious (strange is happening). Use this picture to write a pirate story. Carry on from my beginning:

Late one night, sailinng on the dreamy dark water was a…

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