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My Story By Tahmid and Hamza

                                                                                                                          THE ALIEN BURGER RAIDERS                     

Yestarday an alien invasion happend in bankside. They were looking for cheese burgers and triple king kong burgers.

The aliens broke half of the school with laser zapers. Mrs. Sarah Rutty the head teacher turend in to a zombie. She was screaming ” AHHHHHH”.

Mr Hall the ict leader had a ray blaster and shot one and the lead alien came HAMZA THE TERIBBLE. ” YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR NOT GIVING  MY FREINDS KING KONG BURGERS, AND CHEESE BURGERS”. Then Wei Shen came the under cover police offcier. THEN HAMZA THE HORRIBLE CAME AND SAID” I AM GOING TO KILL YOU Wei Shen” Loyza the yellow teeth had so bright yellow teeth and the sun got jelious and burt her. Then Hamza killed Wei Shen with his fist and they won by getting the burgers.

                                                                                                                                                           THE END

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Cars by Tahmid and Zeesham

This is a Lamborghini.

it has orange rims

silver body

orange tint

it got a under glow umd light

it is 200% horsepower

and it is 100% drift

This is a Ferrari

it has black tinted wheels

white body




This is a Austin Martin

it has a black tinted wheels

black tinted windows




this is a Chrysler

it has a black body

white wheels



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100 Word challange by Tahmid

Today I went to  training for the viking war, suddenly the pain in my arm like a blizzard aha aah. One week ago. Yes today if the big training day cheer cheer run the boats. Lets sing a song row row row your boat gently down the stream Merrily Merrily gently down the stream. It was so hard it was like I shot got in my arm it was disgusting.The test was horrible you have t eat worms. You need to fight a fearsome dragon fire breathing one. Suddenly it was over like a blizzard.

The disgusting disgusting terrible terrible  end.

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Viking by Tahmid and Shorab

This is a  Viking helmet and it protects their head. It has steal armor on it. It is really hard to break and it has horns and a big spike in the top





They had axes , knifes, bows and spears and they were very helpful to the vikings they were really sharp.

The viking hoses were poor and old. They were made out of grass and waks and mud.

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My character in the Christmas production 2012 By Tahmid

My name is Tahmid and my character in the Christmas  play is Innkeeper 3.

My favorite song is Gaudete Because it has really good beat. My character in the play is Innkeeper 3 and he is mean.

Two people came to his house and they were called Mary and Joseph.

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Spoiler Alert! By Tahmid and edited by Ibrahim

Our play is about Christmas. In the first scene a bunch of villagers are talking about how they hate paying taxes to the nasty Romans. Jacob and Rebecca are worrying about how they are going to pay there taxes. Jacob has to get a extra job.

Mrs Abigail and Naomi are talking about if their crops are ready for them. Isaac and Deborah are talking about how they hate being ruled by the Romans and if their food is ready.

The farmer is talking about the Messaih to come and then he will have crops. As you can see it is hard times for everyday people. This play has got a lot of songs that are mostly about Jesus.

Soon an Angel came to Mary and said “Mary you are going  to have a special baby and you need to call him Jesus.” Then Mary said “How am I going to have a boy if I’m not married.” The Angel said “God has said to marry a man called Joseph.” King Herod found out that there was a new baby thats going to be King and to kill him because he was the KING!


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100 word challenge11 by Tahmid

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Creres by Tahmid

Graffiti Creator   Graffiti CreatorGraffiti Creator

Graffiti CreatorGraffiti Creator

Graffiti CreatorGraffiti Creator


These are people that take care of me at school and they are kind generous and sometimes i get in trouble and I say nasty words and get mad but this is a pace of advice how not to get angry.

.Take a deep breath  

. Do something you like doing

.Go some were quiet

Mr flori said if you cant say anything good dont bother talking. If you have a problem just tell a teacher.

These are people that I realy go to to solve a problem.

And thank you for commenting. 

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Ill by Tahmid

Hello everybody I  am sick because on Monday I done all that sick  and now my bones are weak and i am sleepy and slippery and to day its Wedsnday. To day i am ill and i am doing sick right now at 3 o’clock I’m going to go to the hospital to take an incection and goodbye.

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My superhero by Tahmid

Name -  Alastick man

Age -  24

Special power – super slash { rips of face}

Partners -iron man

Weakness – FIRE

Costume – vest zig zag coat and f 4 sighn




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