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100 word callange.

One day there was a foot ball match going on and then karat kid came and the foot balers turned into zombies.AND THEN KRATY KID WAS FITTING THE ZOMBIS AND THE ZOMBIS WHERE SHOOTING HIM THEN KRATY KID WAS DOJING THEM.AND THEN THE ZOMBIS RAN OUT OF BULLETS AND THEN KRATY KID GOT BITE AND KRATY KID GOT ANGRY AND THEN KRATY KID PUNCH EACH OF THE ZOMBIS.Now the foot balers got human again and then the foot balers where happy and the powerful zombie was left and there where fighting and the fans where cheering happy.

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Acient greek by tajim

1.BBC-Acient greek games Here

2. click Here

3.the games in Acient greek Here

4.Acient greek museum Here

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Tajim: my character is called angle Michael .Angle Michael is happy when he gives some nice message around.

He doesn’t like it when people give him nasty messages.My favourite song is  ratatat because it will go well with Christmas.

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Christmas production by Tajim and Zeesham

Thank you

Thank you Mums , Dads and children for coming to our Blue Base Christmas production.We have worked really hard. We are very nervous please could you make us proud by clapping and singing loudly.These are some of the songs Gaudete, Basque carol, Standing  In The Rain,Carol Of The Huron Indians and Here We Come a Wassailing these are some of the songs we enjoy.


Graffiti Creator

Graffiti Creator

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pirate story by TAJIM

Have you  ever wondered what is it like to be winded by a gang of pirates .Well let my tell you .

Captain black bead lost his arm by fitting peg leg peat.Black bead had a Worden leg.And was having a bloody fight with captain arcana.

And captain was about to kill him but he dissent because he new where there treasure was. black bead was gowing to the treasure and next he killed  black beard and captain ocean found the treasure . peg leg peat was not dead.

peg leg peat was looking for the treasure peg leg peat so black black bead.  captain arcane so peg leg peat and captain ocean got his gun and shoot him on the head .And blood was dripping on the floor and captain acorn was hunting for the treasure.And jack Spiro found the treasure and he bisected the treasure.

Next jack sparrow found black bead deadjack sparrow held him and jack sparrow killed captain ocean and jack sparrow killed black bead . he had the Spanish silver gold to his self and he won the battle.

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