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Viking Setting by Urmi



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Viking setting by Urmi

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Viking Village by Urmi

On a lovely high tree there was a colorful Bird   singing beautifully.Then something wen,t wrong the nasty old cow frightened (scared) the bird away by mooing (moo).On top of the fantastic hose is a bunch of disgusting (ugly) straw on top of the wooden roof.

Next to the old viking village is a viking on a longboat hunting for fresh fish.In the blacksmiths work shop there is a man banging with a hammer BANG!In the distance of the freezing  (cold) sea was a terrifying longboat hunting for fresh fish.

Hanging on a dangerous wooden rake was some tasty fresh fish ready to sell.On the yellow hard floor was gees peaking for food.Next to the awesome tree is a lovely birds nest.Inside the birds nest is two eggs and one father and mother.

Next to the stall there was a old lady complying about the price of the fish ,,how much is the fish,,







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B3 class are going to the beach by Urmi

Hi my name is urmi me and my class made lots of munney to go to the seaside trip.I am so excited to go to the lovely seaside.Some people will not go when they be naughty.Lots of teacher’s will come so everyone  is safe.We need extra cloths because  you might get wet.When we go to the seaside I am going to  paddle on the sea. Tank you for listening to my poste.






























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100 wc by Urmi

Dear Dairy

Suddenly the pain in my arm made me cry and scream loudly. As I was walking in the park I fell into a dark pitch. That’s when I realised my arm was bleeding.I shouted out HELP! then my friends came over to help.I was in the hospital an I had a  bandage on my arm.All my friends signed my .my mum got me lovely flowers for me.In a few weeks I came out of hospital.All my friends gave me lots of lovely cards.I am gowing a appointment in the doctors to check my arm if it is

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The Winter day by Urmi

A chillyday.

shiny glittery snow flouting down.

Icy sparkly floor WACH OUT !.

Sweeping frost.


It is cold as a bag of snow.

Shiny £1 on the ice.

Friday is the best day beucus  it snowd.

The snow looks lovely as the sky.

Everyone happy.








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Blue Base Christmas Production

Urmi:my charter in the play is villager.Villager asc fore food,crops,water an some fore the baby.And villagers help lots of people.An my favorite song is blow the trumpet.It is all about this boy has come.In the play I say hey Mr Farmer how Ar your crops those children of mine Ar screaming in my face because thay Ar staving.


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Monster over the hill By Urmi

  • Ones there was a village an yellow smock came out the monsters nostril. The mayor put a meeting an he says we all shoal work together. The Farmer side I cant go I have to look after my best. An the black smith says I cant go I have to look after my children. The caver says I cant go I have to shoo my horses .Me says the little girl. Wat says the Mayor you cant go your to little. in the dark she sent out. An she went close to the Mountain an more closer an the monster terned smaller. First a house ,elephant,cow,dog,cat,mouse Wait is your name feyowna.



Coneleya Sorabji life by Urmi

Farst corneleya sorabji was bone in india on November 15, 1866, to a rich famley That dose alot of worc for chartey for poor peple.Next in 1892 coneleya sorabji was the first brav pasen in here famlly an in india to get a degree.she went to Englend to studey.peple in Englend thot it was nonsens for a woman to think of it.many people in England in 1893 thought she was doowing something verey strang an indian woman studying law.but cornelia cept goweng persiste.later in 1897 she went back to inda but was not trerete verey nisleey cos she was a woman an a cristeyen.she ternd her other chec an cared on.finely she got here gob.

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