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Viking Setting by Hassan

vikings in ArcheonCreative Commons License Hans Splinter via Compfight

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Hamza And Haroon Viking Imformation

The Vikings  were hunters they made and created lots of inventions.

They came from lots of Countries here are  some!

1 Denmark

2 Swedan

3 Iceland

4 Norway

5 Ireland

The Vikings were vicious and strong  i think they were the strongest in there time. They went and fought America and LOST!!!!!!!

Here is a Viking picture

Here is a Viking map

The Vikings invaded lots of Countries including England.They wanted warmth because there Countries were COLD!!! 

Viking Children

When Viking children were 5 years old they had to support there famaily and bring them food.

Babies were given little Thor’s-hammer charms, to protect them from evil spirits and sickness.

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Vikings By Aleesha and Amirah


This term we have been learning about Vikings.

Viking used to live in three countries called Norway, Sweden and Denmark also known as Scandinavia. The word Viking came from a language known as Old Norse which meant pirate raider. Vikings that raided ships were known as going Viking.The Viking times started from 700 till 1066.As soon as the Viking era finished they turned into Christians and some also stayed as Vikings.The Vikings raided ship also known  as being a true Viking.The Vikings raided Britain.They raided because there land was not very good to grow crops and loads of people were coming to their land and there was no more space for those who lived there already and.I think that they were very good to raid because of all the chaos in their land but also because they hurt and seriously injured a loud of people and I think what they finally did was great.What the Vikiings did was they converted  into Christians from Vikings  because they were very,very bad .

Bye for now look forward now for more posts by Aleesha and Amirah!!

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Viking Setting by Urmi



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vikings setting by Nicolas

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Viking setting by Rabia

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Vikings settng by Sadhiya

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Viking setting by Minhaj

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Viking Setting by Kadiza

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Viking Village by Darnell

Next to the ice flor i sow a angrey flufey bird on the flor .  on top of  the whiyer i see some dead pheasanst . on the flor i see a whuden basket on the flor . i see some dead pheasanst big as a hottel . the pheasanst on the rack to dry and go to the market . the dead pheasanst ar juciey and nice to eat aswel mmmm .

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viking village by shamil

on the  hard  floor  ther wos  a  sad  chicke and  a dog. The dog wos angry and the chichn wos klucking with fear. the dog wos  very very hungry for chickin the cickin wos very  sad and  then the dog sor a shop with chickin so he eat  all  the chickin.

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Viking village by Hassan

On a rocky ground a white and black cow was slowly  mooing and a red chickens was in fear because a dog was chasingethe chickens (for food). On top of the wooden drown ladder a strong boy was mending a roof white, drown straw because what did to sleep in the house.
In the distance a light,browned long ship is ready to De in a vicious BATL!!! On the grey wire a (ripe)fish is read to dE munched.Under the Brock,dusty and rusty tadel there is a weaved basckit.handgig on a wire a grey fish is read to de dryad.
Next to a grey, red,oring house a dog hit a cow dag!!!.NExt to a pheasant(BIRD) SHOP a pasen said “how much”?

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Viking Village by Nicolas

On the broken moody grond there were dogs barking and chasing a delishous big chicken and the cows were mooing loudly. On top of the broken, woooden, durty table there was a jucie dead delishous fish whating to be sold. On top of a apple tree there was a bird siging gently as the sky.In distance I saw a horse was small as a toy car.On top of a apple tree there was applebig as a FOOTBALL!

Under  the longship there was sparkling all over the clean fresh water. On top of a woden house there was yellow staw. on top of the rake there are fresh fish on the wooden stike.In the distance I heard a big loud CRASH! In the distance heard the viking chop fish! Next to the store a old women asked how mush he said 5.oo she was in SHOCK!

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Viking Village by Urmi

On a lovely high tree there was a colorful Bird   singing beautifully.Then something wen,t wrong the nasty old cow frightened (scared) the bird away by mooing (moo).On top of the fantastic hose is a bunch of disgusting (ugly) straw on top of the wooden roof.

Next to the old viking village is a viking on a longboat hunting for fresh fish.In the blacksmiths work shop there is a man banging with a hammer BANG!In the distance of the freezing  (cold) sea was a terrifying longboat hunting for fresh fish.

Hanging on a dangerous wooden rake was some tasty fresh fish ready to sell.On the yellow hard floor was gees peaking for food.Next to the awesome tree is a lovely birds nest.Inside the birds nest is two eggs and one father and mother.

Next to the stall there was a old lady complying about the price of the fish ,,how much is the fish,,







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Viking Village by Abdullah

On top of the Hausa there is a man building a Worden Hausa . On the Worden steak there was fish hanging on the strong stick . I sod a man coking fish for dinner or for patty and  slinging .  In the basket there was water and fish and the fish was swimming a lot in the water. the vikings was  building there h with mood . On a stack there was 4 bid er hanging on a ster for  sela. i can see a man Selina thong food and vegetable. In a gold basket there was gold money  and foods to eat . i so a Beard tatting on the brown blue steck. I saw a pink pig was eating blue Straw .

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