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Cars by Tahmid and Zeesham

This is a Lamborghini.

it has orange rims

silver body

orange tint

it got a under glow umd light

it is 200% horsepower

and it is 100% drift

This is a Ferrari

it has black tinted wheels

white body




This is a Austin Martin

it has a black tinted wheels

black tinted windows




this is a Chrysler

it has a black body

white wheels



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Coldest Place on Earth by Shorab and Zeesham

Hey guys look this is the coldest place on Earth. Just click here 

I've reached the end of the world Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

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100 WC Football (horror)

Yesterday I was playing the main match. I was about to score. But suddenly red blooded zombies came in the stadium. Every person ran but a Zombie bit me, in the arm suddenly the pain in my arm was getting stronger and stronger.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I said trying to run away. Then  I was in the car park I went in my Bugatti. I drove with dread and  was a zombie ,so I drove to Manchester from London the airport was empty.But a scientist was only there and he cured everybody with a machine and we lived  happily  ever after for ever.

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Ancient Greek by Zeesham

1.Myths and legands-HERE

2.Ancient Greek maze-HERE

3.Ancient Musem-Here

Μολών λαβέ ! / 300 the movie

Greek hoplites,Second Messenian war, Spartan

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Villager by Zeesham

Zeesham:My character in the play is the villager and he gets frustrated when he has to pay taxes to the Romans.Besides that he is happy and cheerful with his friends.My favorite song is rat-tat.

by - Graffiti Creator

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Christmas production by Tajim and Zeesham

Thank you

Thank you Mums , Dads and children for coming to our Blue Base Christmas production.We have worked really hard. We are very nervous please could you make us proud by clapping and singing loudly.These are some of the songs Gaudete, Basque carol, Standing  In The Rain,Carol Of The Huron Indians and Here We Come a Wassailing these are some of the songs we enjoy.


Graffiti Creator

Graffiti Creator

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